Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The weather in Oregon has had everyone outside taking on long awaited projects. Especially since we know this warm, dry, sun time won't last long at this time of year.

A chicken house raising is what occupied the sunny days in my yard. Five people coming together to build a 5'x6' prize of a coop. I almost wish I was a prospective Road Island Red .
In time the coop run and the details that lead up to getting the chicks will get done. But right now I am pleased knowing there will be great subject matter to paint by late spring as well as fresh eggs.

A great reference has been Keep Chickens!


  1. Yes, chickens will be great to sketch and paint... and of course, their eggs will be tasty.

  2. I can't wait for the chicken pictures "The Girls"... photos or paintings... fun, fun....
    and we all need a little fun these days...

  3. I will start signing "Scrat"... as you have more than one Sarah that writes you... Scrat