Monday, July 11, 2011

Years ago I sat on some cliffs in Scotland waiting for the return of the puffins to their nesting area. apparently I was too early but the hours of sitting still and observing life was worth it.The Atlantic Puffin has a different look in that it's more comical yet this is one serious seabird. Many of the animal I choose to paint are from photos I take at the zoo etc but I needed to rely on google for this one and it was difficult because of the light source of the different photographers as well as their choice of angles. However it was a fun assignment to give myself as I revisited a wonderful memory.

Monday, June 20, 2011


From the Tufted Puffin to a Moose. It was a jump made last week in the studio to throw myself into a contrast of form and detail of a different kind. Feathers to fur and so on. What is pestering me after posting this image is that the moose seems too close in value to the background. That my be good for the moose but not necessarily with regard to the painting. So back to the easel of life.

Monday, June 13, 2011

One of joys in moving to Oregon from Ohio years ago was to experience seeing the tufted puffin. I was fascinated by this energetic bird and still am so I decided to try and paint one.

I thought this would be like a coloring book assignment as I observed the clown like shapes and colors of the puffin's face then it took a short time to realize the complexity of my pallet and the delicate way every feature juxtaposed in or over another.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I seem to have been birding a lot lately with painting images, the goldfinch, Black Headed Grosbeak, Cardinal, Northern Flicker, Chickadee and now the Common Loon. There is not an intension for the National Audubon painters competition going on here. Just a celebration in learning how the aviary world is a flying show of delicate intricacies of feather details, geometric patterns, color and composition. I am greatly humbled by this brief introduction so far.



There are times in the studio when one needs to put their head down and simply concentrate on paintings and develop a flow that threads out into those times when it isn't possible.
The last weeks have been like that and has allowed me the opportunity to create the Northern Flicker , the Common Loon as well as make a fun contact and wholesale relationship with a local store called Backyard Bird Shop.
Also a gallery in Minnesota has signed on for images on cards as well. The Attic Gallery of American Crafts.
Hopefully these contacts will help with the costs of being able to continue this fun endeavor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I never thought there would be the day I would have a caged bird in the house. We inherited Frak after losing my mother to cancer two years ago. What a gift he was! Loved to sing to Bette Middler and Willie Nelson even while bathing. Came into his beastly self when hanging outside on the sunny porch. Such bravado, such color, such personality in 5 grams of his little orange self. He died last week. I miss him so.