Monday, March 8, 2010


As one can see from the blog uploads , I tend to stray from my task at hand. The research on the black bear has been threading through several other projects like a child's chair for an auction and now a commission for a landscape.

While working on this canvas I can entertain the idea of a black bear female moving along the terrain with three cubs to teach and nurture. Fortunately my clients gave me an open ended request and that allows for visualization and creating my own stage.

On the topic of research I do want to share a wonderful resource I found on the web. The North American Bear Center. It's a comprehensive site full of informative videos , interesting categories and the underlying mission to preserve the bears and specifically the black bears in North America.


  1. Mona, I am glad you are straying because I am excited to see your landscape painting! It's beautiful so far!

  2. I am sending this again to see if I can get thru... love the landscape you are doing**

  3. Ah, landscape! Looks like a corner of Emily's pallet!