Monday, August 16, 2010


Whether you are using photos you have taken or researched, or simply watched a specific animal at the zoo or your own backyard, it all seems to come down to how you perceive and act on what you think you have seen . That's the beauty of painting. The artist can take liberties to celebrate the image as it comes down on the canvas.
Since my last entry I have visited this canvas off and on to find what I am looking for in my effort to represent a Red Tail hawk.
I'm curious what the end result will be.

Monday, August 9, 2010


After spending the winter choosing animals that prowl and pounce I have decided to look up and find entertainment in the flyers. Spring and summer are providing a canopy of life among the feeders and gardens in our backyard.
I am especially focused on two hawks right now. the Red Tail and the Cooper's hawk. Both perch long enough for some quick sketches and unfortunately the demise of a small mouse.
My sister lead me to a wonderful source : A daily journal of an excellent photographer in New York.